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Apr. 19th, 2012

I finally took a nap. A 2 day one. well with a couple breaks of being awake. It felt really good.. It takes a little adjustment from being insanely busy to... not. And then I'm left alone with my thoughts... and dreams... since right now, i'm in between dreams... naps... I used to not be able to sleep... and then came a point where i grew up and I was too busy to sleep... and now naps, are so good. And by naps, i mean really long catchup of 80 hour work weeks.

Anyway... I think I'm going to wish Texas farewell towards the end of 2013... and go to new york... and finally, just be with my family. It's a ways away but Texas isn't worth it for me to start anything here. I'm not sure if I ever shared that I lost my ipod sometime last year. I cherished that thing. It sounds weird but it was a memory lane and log of my music... I took pride in my playlists... memories of what I was going through when I made them... and now it feels like I have no memories. Some people have their memories in pictures... and mine, in music. and I have searched my hard drives high and low for some recollection of those songs, playlists and memories and I find bits and pieces but not enough... and I'm sad about it.

Anyway.. back to naps...

...for all I know
you're just a thought across my mind
what I wouldn't give
to live that thought of mine

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